A Message from Annie:

My husband and I met during our careers in law enforcement.  Fourteen years ago, we moved to King George County to leave the "hustle and bustle" of Northern Virginia, determined to give our one year-old twins a quiet, country upbringing.

I stayed home with them until kindergarten, when I began volunteering in their classrooms.  That was the continuation of my yearning to give back to my community-paid or not- to make it a better place.

Since then, I have continued to be their primary caregiver, but have been blessed to be able to expand upon my work and volunteer service for the betterment of our community, for nearly a decade.

The time has come for me where volunteering and serving in a staff position is no longer the best way I can serve our community.  I have the education, experience, and achievements that translate to the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to serve as your At Large Supervisor.  Please review this site and feel free to contact me directly should you have any question regarding my experience and qualifications.

Thank you for your faith and trust.



Building Community...

Chances are, you came here for many of the same reasons I did.  You chose to call King George your home.  Find out more about my vision for our community.