My Childhood

I was born in the 1970’s in southwestern Pennsylvania. My Dad was a social worker for the state, and when I was a second-grader we moved back to Pittsburgh because my Dad’s job was transferred to a different facility. Our old house didn’t sell right away, it was during the recession, and for several years my parents had two home mortgages to carry. So things were tight for a while. But I always knew I was loved, and that my parents did the best they could for me. I have two brothers, both younger than me. My Mom had stayed home (she was a librarian) to raise me and my first brother, but around when my second brother turned 3, she had to go back to work, and he went to daycare. She worked two part-time jobs to help support us, as she couldn’t find full-time library work at the time. She would work one job at a nursing home as an aide, then at night would work at the local department store. I think seeing her work so hard for us instilled my work ethic. We lived in a middle-class neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, in the best school district we could afford, because my parents wanted us to receive the best public education possible. I loved going to school, and I loved to learn new things.

I am told all of my grandparents immigrated to the United States as children, on my Mom’s side, Serbian, and my Dad’s, Swedish. I never met my Dad’s parents, they passed away before I was born. I loved to visit my Grandpa and Grandma’s house though. They lived in Aliquippa, and my Grandpa was retired from the steel mill. He served in the Army in World War II and the Korean War, and his Army knickname was “Ace.” He had great stories to tell about his travels and service, and my Grandma would make my favorite meal- pigs in a blanket- when we came to visit. My Dad is a veteran, too, he served in Viet Nam.

I ran cross country and track in high school. After graduation, I attended Penn State University. The campus was so big, there were so many other students there, from all over the country, even the world. It really opened my eyes to all sorts of things. I worked at a local t-shirt store to help pay for my education, combined with student loans. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice, and wanted to be an F.B.I. agent, just like Clarice Starling. I moved to the Washington D.C. area, and needed work to pay my student loan, so I started temping in a law firm. They eventually hired me permanently, and I was a legal assistant for a few years while I considered going to law school. Eventually I applied for and was hired as a police officer with Arlington County Police. I loved the police academy, it was like being in school again, and we had PT everyday so we got to run, too!

How I came to King George

I met my husband while working for the police department, and we started a family. When our twins were born, I made a hard decision and left my career to stay home with them. The next year, we moved to King George, as we wanted a quiet, rural upbringing for them. When they started school, I volunteered in their classrooms and eventually was hired to work at the school. You can read more about my professional experience and achievements by visiting my Experience page.